Inside the Current Classroom Building

All life in the Lower School flows through the cafeteria. To improve that flow, the updated cafeteria will annex the current music room, adding significant square footage and creating a sense of openness. Flik Independent School Dining will operate out of a full kitchen, serving delicious and nutritious meals to students, faculty, staff and visitors in a cafeteria line set apart from the main dining space. New lighting, windows and finishes will complete the room’s makeover. 

Soni Family Library
A reimagined library will bring literature and learning to life in the Lower School like never before. Relocating the library entrance to make it a third-floor focal point will allow for the reorientation of the space. Quiet nooks for reading, designated spaces for small-group work, a video conferencing area and open shelving will enliven the library, making it an academic hub for students and faculty alike.

Inside the Kam Memar Lower School

Outside on the Playground