Stacey Kilberg

Third-Grade Associate Teacher

Stacey Kilberg’s passion is for the students. “One of my favorite parts about working at Pace is how truly incredible our students are,” she says. “It gives me so much joy to see how enthusiastic they are about coming to school.” As a teacher at Pace for 10 years, Stacey tries to “foster an environment where each child feels comfortable to strive for their personal best.”

Stacey believes Accelerate Pace will create a 21st-century learning environment
“where we can foster each child’s creativity and individuality,” she says. “The Lower School teachers are so excited for all of the amazing additions to our building—they will help our students thrive, both in and outside the classroom.” 

"Accelerate Giving speaks to how we all work together to give what we can to make our school and our community the best it can be.” She adds, “The foundation for learning starts here in the Lower School!”