Poli Aparicio

Lower School Spanish Teacher 

A Spanish teacher at Pace for nine years, Poli Aparicio also leads the Juniorpreneur and Minipreneur after-school programs that prepare students to identify and address challenges and opportunities. She explains, “I am passionate about helping students engage with the world around them and envision what might be different.”

Poli encourages students to collaborate with others “to build skills such as listening to other perspectives, integrating a variety of ideas, and gaining insight into others’ thought processes and ways of problem solving.” Growing up in Venezuela and working in El Salvador for many years, she has wide-ranging experiences and perspectives, and great appreciation for Pace teachers: “They are strongly committed to their craft and make students feel special, safe and secure, in and out of the classroom.”

Poli believes Pace offers an inspiring vision to students and is preparing them for a world marked by innovation. “The Accelerate Pace project is vital to supporting innovative ways of teaching and learning,” she says. “The new spaces will bring us together and support collaboration, communication, creativity and exploration. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to allow my students to think, innovate and create in a state-of-the-art space.”