Kacy Brubaker

Lower School Director of Student Life

“As the Accelerate Pace campaign began, we shared the statement: With academic excellence and student wellness at the center, we will ensure that all Pace’s facilities match the quality of the experiences inside,” Lower School Director of Student Life Kacy Brubaker explains.

“This is critical to all that we do and to how we are able to offer students a welcoming, empowering and supportive learning environment for mental and emotional growth,” she says. “The new Kam Memar Lower School brings us new spaces and resources that allow us to ensure our students have such an environment.”

In her role at Pace, Kacy is honored to follow her vocation’s calling “to create healthy spaces and structures for children, helping them to find and use their own unique voices.” She adds, “I value so many aspects of Pace: its unique focus on global leadership; its outstanding efforts to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion for all students, faculty, staff and parents; and the priority it gives to social and emotional wellness.”

Kacy is grateful for the ways the Accelerate Pace campaign is enhancing the Lower School experience, including expanded spaces that support the student life initiatives she works to develop in partnership with faculty, staff and parents.