Jake and Ashley Lowery

Accelerate Pace Donor Spotlight 

Supporting the Accelerate Pace capital campaign was an easy decision for Ashley and Jake Lowery ’03, who have a long history with Pace Academy.

Jake, a Pace Lifer, attending from Pre-First through 12th grade, introduced Pace to Ashley two decades ago, when they began dating in high school. “While I did not go to Pace, my Pace story includes two homecoming dances, a prom and several high-school basketball games,” she laughs.

Now the couple, married for 14 years, has three children. Two years ago, their oldest, Lyla Lowery ’31, started her own Pace story when she enrolled in Pace’s Pre-First class.

The couple’s Pace connections don’t end there: Jake’s sister, Bridget Lowery ’05, is also a Pace Lifer, and the siblings’ mother, Holly Lowery, taught at Pace—beginning as a substitute, then teaching second-grade for 13 years until retiring in 2012.

Jake and Ashley knew Pace would be the right fit for their family. Jake says, “We chose Pace not only because of how well Pace prepared me for college and everything after, but also because Ashley and I could see that the school has continued to grow and evolve.”

He adds, “Now I've seen Pace from yet another perspective, as a parent,” He explains that during Lyla’s two years at Pace their appreciation for the school has grown, and that he and Ashley knew early on that supporting Accelerate Pace was a priority for them.

Accelerate Pace will bring our Lower School facilities up to the high standard set by the [Arthur M. Blank Family] Upper School, and even more importantly, give our children new and amazing opportunities to thrive,” he says.

Ashley notes that they are grateful for the Pace community’s past efforts that have made the school what it is today; now it is their turn to be the ones supporting it.

“When I was a student, I could count on Pace to both challenge me and give me the support and opportunities that I needed to grow,” Jake recalls. “Now, as a parent, that is exactly the kind of environment I want to entrust my children to every school day.” 

Like other Pace alumni, Jake has fond memories from the Randall House, taken down in December 2019 to allow for construction of the new Kam Memar Lower School. “Although the Randall House was home to lots of memories, the students and teachers in the Lower School deserve a space that is intentionally designed around their needs,” Jake says.  

Jake recalls how much he gained from the additions of the Fine Arts Center and the Inman Center during his own Pace days. “I'm glad that Pace is still committed to providing whatever is needed to give the next generation of students the best education and school environment possible,” he says.

Ashley adds, “It’s so wonderful now to watch Lyla grow as a Pace student. She adores her teachers—we have been so thankful for everyone in the Lower School and what they’ve meant to Lyla, especially this past year.”

What does the value “Accelerate Giving” mean to the Lowerys? “It shows us an opportunity to support an effort today that will continue to bear fruit at Pace and in its students' lives for decades,” Jake says.