Derek and Jane Hardesty

Derek Hardesty considers the expanded educational capabilities made possible through the Accelerate Pace capital campaign vital to the future of Pace Academy: “The world is changing every day. The new Kam Memar Lower School and other changes to our Lower School campus allow the Pace education to grow and adapt in ways that today we, as parents, can only imagine— but that our children are dreaming about every day.”

Although Derek and his wife, Jane Hardesty, parents of senior Megan Hardesty and eighth-grader John Hardesty, have their days as Lower School parents in the rear view, they have been fully committed to Accelerate Pace since its inception. They view the campaign as a top priority for Pace and giving support to the campaign as a top priority for their family. Since Accelerate Pace launched in 2020, Derek has served as the Upper School campaign chair, and he and Jane were among the project’s earliest supporters.

“Pace has meant so much to our family, and because of Accelerate Pace, students for years to come will have the same wonderful opportunities that our children have had,” Jane says. “We also are excited that this campaign is also providing the faculty and staff—who work so hard to help prepare students for what comes next—the resources and support they need.”