Armando Vizcaino

Third-Grade Associate Teacher  

Armando Vizcaino seeks to foster resilience in his third graders—a skill he developed growing up as the son of immigrant parents with limited means. “I am passionate about teaching students to be resilient when facing their individual challenges in academics, sports and relationships,” he explains. 

Armando also feels inspired watching his young students discover their voices through the writing process—“they realize they are actually good writers!” Beyond the classroom, he is known for playing football with students at recess—”the perfect opportunity to guide them in developing character, leadership and camaraderie.” 

Accelerate Pace will allow the Lower School “to meet students’ curriculum needs while preparing them to be innovators and leaders in the 21st century,” Armando says. While two-teacher classrooms and one-on-one and small group instruction accommodate many learning styles, ”the new Academic Resource Center will really change the game for some of the most vulnerable—and, often, most capable—students.”