Taylor and Ronnie Brown

Accelerate Pace campaign co-chairs Ronnie and Taylor Brown enrolled their son, Rhys Brown ’31, in Pace’s Pre-First class in 2018. “We wanted to find a place where he would thrive and where our family would truly be involved,” Taylor says.

This involvement began at day one: as a new parent, Taylor began volunteering in the classroom and joined the Pace Cares Committee; this school year, she began volunteering with Lower School hospitality. Ready for deeper engagement, the couple considers serving as campaign co-chairs the ideal opportunity. “We are passionate about Pace,” Ronnie explains. “It has a genuine community feel and has been a great addition for our family—it is imperative for us to support the school.”

The Browns believe in investing in people, community and family. “We feel that our participation in the campaign is and should be an obligation,” Taylor notes. “With Rhys starting in Pre-First and his little sister, Reagan, hopefully following in his footsteps, we plan on being around for years to come.”

Ronnie adds, “We are immersed in this community, and it is an honor to assist in leading the charge in making Pace better, in any capacity, for all of our children. They are our greatest assets and the future of things to come.”

“Pace is as first-class as they come, and the school should reflect that in every way,” he continues. “The Accelerate Pace campaign provides the opportunity to address necessary upgrades across our campus. It is vital that Pace remains competitive in every aspect.”

One of Ronnie’s favorite quotes, by the internationally acclaimed organizational consultant and author Idowu Koyenikan, conveys the sentiments underpinning the family’s engagement with the campaign: “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests get together to work toward the same goals." 

The Browns feel the campaign offers an opportunity to show pride in and strengthen the Pace community. “Community is important because it allows people to interact with one another and share experiences to develop relationships, which help us all to grow,” Ronnie says.

“When we look at Pace and what it should provide for all children, we see lives being shaped and transformed. We see problem solving, critical thinking and community,” Taylor adds. “We think it is critical to take pride in who and what we represent.”