Strategic Progress

Forward together

Since 1958, Pace Academy’s leaders have endeavored to fulfill the school’s mission: To have the courage to strive for excellence. 

Guided by that aspirational sense of purpose, the school has evolved over the decades, adding facilities and programs while maintaining an intimate, familial environment in which students, faculty and parents partner to facilitate progress. 

In 2004, following the completion of the Garcia Family Middle School, the Board of Trustees began crafting a master campus plan that would see the school through the next decade. It called for expanded athletic facilities, an addition to the Lower School classroom building and a new Upper School. The Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School opened in August 2014, fulfilling the goals set forth in the master campus plan and ushering in a new era in Pace history, one laser-focused on global citizenship.

Since then, the Board of Trustees has assessed the long-term needs of the school community as they relate to our campus. The school’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan prioritized five areas of focus: Academic and Institutional Excellence, Enrollment, Global Citizenship, Student Life and School Culture, and Community and Communications. Replacing the outdated Randall House (the Lower School administration building) would support each of these focus areas, the Board determined, as would renovating and expanding the school’s iconic Castle to create a hub for STEAM and design programs.