Spaces for the speed of learning

Life moves pretty fast. When we stopped and looked around, we determined that—when it comes to our campus—it’s time to pick up the pace. 

With the launch of Accelerate Pace, the Pace Academy community has envisioned spaces where courageous learners thrive like never before—where innovative instruction, creative exploration and the sense of family that defines the Pace experience are priorities. 

The $35-million phase-one goal provides for the construction of the Kam Memar Lower School and updates to the Lower School classroom building. When phase one is complete, Accelerate Pace’s second phase will get underway to restore and renovate Pace’s historic Castle. With academic excellence and student wellness at the center, we will ensure that all Pace’s facilities match the quality of the experiences inside.

Join us as we amp up joy, play, giving, creativity, wellness, innovation and community—as we Accelerate Pace.