The Accelerate Pace capital campaign, launched in 2020, raised over $33 million for the construction of the 36,500 square-foot Kam Memar Lower School, as well as needed renovations and additions to the Lower School’s existing classroom building, including the Soni Family Library, the cafeteria and a new commercial kitchen. The eagerly awaited new Lower School opened in the fall of 2021, bringing joy to our school community.

About the Campaign

In the Kam Memar Lower School, courageous learners thrive like never before—fostering joy, play, giving, creativity, wellness, innovation and community is our daily goal.

Our focus

Our new and renovated spaces prioritize innovative instruction, creative exploration and the sense of family that defines the Pace experience.

Our Spaces

Accelerate Wellness

Accelerate Wellness

The new gymnasium and playground will benefit rainy day recess, early morning arrivals and more. Having more room and new, accessible facilities brings so many advantages!"

Allyson and Jim Maske
Accelerate Pace Campaign Co-Chairs

Accelerate Giving

Accelerate Giving

Accelerate Giving reminds us that for Pace to remain the educational leader it is today, we must all be intentional about giving. As we accelerate support to the next level, we will grow our community with state-of-the-art facilities, enhanced technology and spaces that are designed and accessible to all students. Our support of this new phase leaves a legacy for generations to come."

Sonja Russ
Pre-First Associate Teacher
Pace Parent 

Accelerate Community

Accelerate Community

When I look at the plans for our new building, I can envision new opportunities for teacher-student-parent interactions. Relationships are at the heart of who we are at Pace and ultimately what make Pace special.

Rebecca Rhodes
Fifth-Grade Teacher
Lower School Director of the Isdell Center for Global Leadership

Campaign Progress